Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Let me take a moment to say: "Yay! 100th post!"

Anyway, so its so amusing to see how idiotic people can be. I'm a very eclectic person, not matter if its movies, music, books, or even people. While I've been known to go through phases where I'll stick to one genre, I'm pretty much into everything. So it annoys me when someone tries to label me without seeing the whole picture.

The Boss is trying to revamp the office and one of the things is having music playing in the lobby area. Now I'm not a big fan of that because the music could be very distracting. But, hey, I only work here. And for two more weeks at that. So I decided if they're going to be music playing, that it might as well be something I enjoy, while also appropriate for work. Last night I decided to put on Depeche Mode. Its music that fit the mood for it being late and nothing really going on, yet still had a good beat going. So one of the assistants after a while calls me emo because I listen to Depeche Mode. Really? You've decided to categorize and label me as one specific genre based on one band that I decided to play. Completely ignoring that I played Wolf Parade, Radiohead, and Taking Back Sunday earlier. Also ignoring that Depeche Mod is really more of a gothic/early industrial band than "emo". He tried to call them a forerunner of Emo when that title should more so go to The Cure if you're going to try and look at how the genre came to be what it is.

I find him to be very childish and its easy to ignore him, but I find it annoying that people label based on very little information. Its ridiculous. And I'm not saying that that I don't do it myself. Though I do try to get all the facts when I can. I hate when people judge me because of random shit and not knowing the whole picture and I try to not do that to others. But people like this guy just get to me with their three-year-old mentality of everything is black and white and there couldn't possible be any other way. Le sigh.

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