Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catching up

Well, I haven't really put anything about my life up in the past couple of days as I have:
  1. Not had the mental energy
  2. I feel awkward writing about certain things at work because I always feel like someone is looking over my shoulder.
So, I want to play a little catch up to let everyone in the know and hopefully I'll go into more detail in upcoming posts.

  • I've been annoyed that my Boss had said back in October/November that as part of "teaching"part of our internship he would have us meet with a couple of people in the business. After that we never heard about it again. Not even a whisper. So I finally got the balls (especially after to talking to Lauren from Hipstercrite) to talk to one of the other manager about meeting some of his clients. So far I've meet two of the three that I talked about and playing email tag with the other as he is very busy. I feel so satisfied that I finally did something for myself instead of trying to wait for the Boss for fulfill empty promises. And while of the topic of work...
  • Two mangers that I really liked (thankfully not the one that helped me to get meetings) got fired last week. The first Monday night after everyone left work the other of Friday. I loved them both. They were great people and great managers. I'm so thankful that I'm only here for another 2 weeks or it would be truly weird having to work without either of them here. The office feels so empty both in physical sense and of good energy. I most favorite I hope to keep in contact with. Especially since he would give me a good word depending on were I'll be working once I graduate or maybe make to move out to LA and work for him or for wherever he works next.
  • And the last point on work. So last week I got my final paycheck for work. The amount was more that I thought it was suppose to be but I wasn't going to say anything. But unfortunately I got call yesterday from the accountant saying that I had to write them back a check for the amount that I wasn't suppose to receive . Dammit! I wish there was a way for me to get out of having to give the money back. I have been so broke with the little that I'm being paid vs living costs. So much I wanted to do while I was out here on this coast and I couldn't because I barely had money to feed myself after paying rent, let alone wanting to do something fun. Plus the fact that I was doing 50 hr work weeks meant that I couldn't really have a part time job. I really want to see how long I can put it off. C'est la vie.
  • And the most amazing thing that has happened, I've saved for last. So I ran out of cigarettes about 11 days ago and have somehow haven't had a cigarette since. I don't think I've ever gone that long without one. Even when I was trying to quit (or atleast tried to smoke less). I wont declare this my "I've stopped smoking!". Especially since I'm patiently waiting for Big's friend to give me a case of Djarum Blacks. Big was so sweet to think of me to get his friend to do that. Maybe if I can learn to pace myself I can got back to smoking Blacks and every couple of months either have some get me Blacks or go and get them myself. Nice excuse for a road trip.

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