Monday, February 1, 2010

PETA Needs to Sit Down and STFU

In Wake of threats, Johnny Weir Goes From Fox to Faux

So this morning I read this article about how figure skater Johnny Weir was receiving death threats for adding fur to his free skate costume. PETA, of course, are claiming that they only formally addressed the issue by sending and open letter to Weir and his costume designer. But considering how radical PETA has been in the past, it wouldn't surprise me that though they didn't have any "official" handling with the death death threats, that they aren't condemning those actions.

Johnny more than likely would have kept the fur on his costume had there only been the formal complaint. He states in the article that he just wanted be keep focused on his skating and not be fearful that someone would harm him or try to ruin his chances of Olympic gold. He also states that this isn't a win for PETA as it hasn't turned him away from wearing fur.

For him, I think it was the right decision to make. It wasn't a part of the original costume so it isn't as if it would e a big deal to take it off. It isn't the costume that is important, but his performance. One figure skater isn't going to bring down PETA and he realizes this. I'm glad he at least had the guts to say that he will continue to wear fur, even if it wouldn't be for this situation.

I don't get these people, officially affiliated with PETA or not, that feel the need to threaten someone's life because the wear fur, eat meat, etc. You made the decision to be the way you are. No one who who doesn't share your beliefs aren't hurting you, especially a figure skater who you have never met. So why do you feel the need to not only threaten but threaten that person's life for the sake of your beliefs? You're completely mental. How you you like it if someone were to threaten to force you to eat meat and wear animal skins under pain of death? Wouldn't be to happy about that, right? So why the fuck do you think you can get on your high horse and do that to someone else?

Boggles my mind.

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