Friday, February 12, 2010

My mother's logic boggles my mind

I have known my mother for going on 21 years. One would think that with that amount of experience, I would be able to make heads or tails of what goes through her mind. As of yet: not a fucking clue. Here is that latest battle between my mother and I.

In making preparations for moving to LA for my internship, I had to give up my homely apartment in Powelton Village. My mother wouldn't be able to help keep up on the rent and she didn't want to let me sublet. And while I was (and still am) very against it, my mother said that when I returned to Philly, I would have to live at home for at least Spring Term (and possibly Summer Term) and then I could move back into University City. I hated the idea because (a. I want no part of living with my mother and (b. having to get back and forth from North Philly to campus/work will be a pain in the ass.

But, there was also another stipulation to to moving back into UC: my mother wanted me to move in with Asia, my "best friend". While I love Asia and we would probably get along. I'm still much for living by myself. We have a lot in common but for the past year Asia has been living in her sorority house. I am not one to say that all sorority sisters are evil sluts, but I just don't find that much weight behind those types of groups. And for the last year while I've lived off campus and she in the house, we have become centered around different things. So I not to sure what type of relationship we will have if we were to live with each other.

But my mother is persistent. She wants me to live with Asia because she likes her and thinks that should be the be all end all. This is completely disregarding how I feel on the matter. But whatever, she's my mother and she feel's privileged that she can do that.

I caved in and tentatively agreed to live with Asia. And recently a friend of ours wants out on the apartment she's in now and would like to live with us. I'm actually more comfortable with this because then it means that I'm not just one-on-one with another person. And we got together earlier in the week to discuss what we wanted in and apartment. I found a place that was well located, had my favorite style (exposed brick ftw), and very well priced. Only $500 and its 4 bedrooms so if it came to be that we could grab a 4th person, all the better.

But Asia isn't sure she can pay $500 a month plus gas and electric. And she can't tell me how much she thinks she can save a month with what she's making now at Chilis as a Hostess/Busser. So I'm stuck, going well the chance of finding a place that's even cheaper than that and in a neighborhood the UC that we want is going to be damn near impossible (trust me I looked). And on top of that, I'm trying to find places and I'm 3000 miles away. Asia hasn't come to me with any places and she's still in the area. Tara hasn't either, but she just agreed to live with us so I can see why not.

Annoyed I call my mother because she's so desperate for me to live with her golden child and she doesn't even know if she can pay rent. My mother's response "I'll talk with Asia." Talk to her about what? If she can't pay rent or try and figure out something what could my mother possibly do? If any mention of my mother helping Asia out with rent is mention I'll scream. That's the only possible solution that could be offered. My mother can help my Asia pay rent then why couldn't she agree to help me live by myself? Especially since I have said more than once that once I get back to work I'll being putting money towards paying for me to live by myself. But, as always she screams back "I can't afford for you to live by yourself". I can't wait to see how this plays out.

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