Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This is so sad

So I've been randomly thinking about where I want to hold my birthday next year. Yes, its very far away from now, but I have sporadic thoughts like that. And I haven't had an actual birthday party since I was maybe like 6 so I think its about time I get around to having one. And me being me, I'm thinking outside the box.

And I have come up with two choice. My retarded dumbass of a self has decided on with The Franklin Institute or the Please Touch Museum. Yes you read that correctly. I'm very weird in that I want to hang out in places that are totally inappropriate for grown people to be in. Well, technically the Franklin Institute isn't that bad, unless I decided to have it in like to Heart Room or something. But the Please Touch Museum? There's no excuse there really.

Though both venues are not strangers to holding events for non-toddler crowd, by looking at their websites. I wasn't expecting to be so original, really. So, no biggie. Though I do think that this will be lots of fun for my friends who will be think "There goes that crazy bitch and even more crazy ideas".

Its a good thing that I thought of this now. This will take some time to plan and budgeting to get this to work.

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