Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Why is it when I really want something it is always out of my reach? All I really want to is someone to talk to when I'm down. Someone to talk to when I'm happy. Someone to cuddle with on those lonely nights. Someone to watch movies with and discuss stupid things. Someone to debate with. Someone to cook with. Someone to go out with. It doesn't have to be love. Just companionship that could, if it wanted to, become more. I don't think that I ask for so much.

But then when someone who says those things pull away with no explanation, what am I to think? Did I do something wrong? Did you get what you wanted and then decided you wanted someone else. These are the times I'm glad I don't give in all so easily.

If I slept with you it would hurt all the more that you were probably using me for a stupid decision I made for 6 months. You're not such a hurt soul if you can pull the same shit as everyone else.

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