Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beating around the bush?

So one of my professors was trying to hook me up with his manager in LA for my Co-Op. Its been two months and I still don't know for sure if I'm going. and this is making me nervous because if I don't get it I will only have 6 months to find another Co-Op job. I mean I know I could probably talk to someone at TLA or PFS that I've made friends with working at the Film Festivals, but I don't want that.

With the shit that has been going down the last month and the shit that was building up from that in the months previous, I need to get out of town. At this point I can't even been on the east coast anymore. LA is such a great opportunity for me to grow as someone in the film business and I will have minimum distractions to deviate me from that.

I need this job. Beyond just need to fulfill a requirement for school but to save the bits of my sanity that is left and prepare me for a post-college life. But its taking so long that I'm worried. But I feel as if, based on my professors personality, that my future employer wouldn't fuck with me waiting so long to tell me no. In the interview I had with him over Skype he was a very cool, interesting man, who knew what he was doing. I refuse to believe that he is anything but. But these last few months make me feel like anything could fall apart. I'm so paranoid.

But I will step back. I will breathe. I have patience and I will use it to its fullest extent. I can let the other bullshit color the rest of my life.

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