Saturday, January 17, 2009

So let me get this straight...

So last night I went around the corner to my friends house for his Dumpling Night. I brought of over my Zen Green Tea Liquor But I thought it was an appropriate choice. Everyone enjoyed it. Especially when we added Yuengling and created Jersey Wooder (aka cesspool). I got a text saying that I should go over to another friends house after I'm done for another get together. I was game and got a ride over.

This party was completely awkward town. While they didn't over whelm, there was a significant amount of people that I didn't know. I'm not really a big one for being in situations where there are a lot of people that I don't know (specifically in party situations). But it was chill. So this get together was a surprise party for this kid Andrew. I meet him maybe once or twice.

So amongst the people I do know  guy that I sometimes hook up that happens to live around the corner from him. Now I have serious issues when it come to him because when we first started hanging out he was a very clingly person and he would do or say things that you would only really do in serious committed relationships which we weren't in nor was I looking for. And besides that I found to be emo to the point that I looked fucking cheerful. 

I tell him that I want to go home tonight and so when they wanted to leave just let me know and we could leave together. I was trying to be responsible because I should not be going home by myself because (1. A girl walking home at that hour is not the brightest idea and (2. I had been drinking so I may not be paying attention to my surroundings like I should. He said that was cool and his housemate had a car so I wouldn't have to be out in the car. 

Well eventually it got to the point where the party was a little too awkward for my taste and I wanted to go out for a smoke. So two friends and I went to get pizza and smoke on the way there. I let hook up know where I was going and said to call me if they wanted to leave before I got back. Because it was cold we ate at the pizza parlor and chilled a bit and talked about random shit.

When we came back I noticed that my ride was gone. So I called to see if maybe they were just upstairs or something. Nope. They had left me and didn't call to say that they were leaving. So now I'm pissed (and still somewhat drunk). I start yelling because they shouldn't have left me with no warning and now I had to get home by myself. The guy tried to say it wasn't his fault because his housemate really wanted to go and wouldn't call me and that if I want he would come back and get me (but of course I could just sleep over where I was because it would be cool with the people that lived there). Fuck no asshole for a couple of reasons: (1. Its not the housemates fault because he has the choice to leave but (2. You had my number, not him, you should have called me because I'm your friend, not his, (3. Why would I want you to come back and get me? you already left me why would I  wait for you to come back. And I promptly hang up the phone.

My other friend tries to make me feel better but I'm already tensed and almost into one of my anxiety attacks. So I make the decision to leave because I'm putting out negative vibes and all I want to do is go home to craw in my bed and sleep. Before I leave I get a text message from asshole saying: "I've had too much to drink and ****** is too exhausted to pick you up. I'm sorry. If you want to spend the night, i'll come and pick you up and walk you over. Just tell me when" So you fuck up  and leave me but you'll come back if I come over to your house to sleep?

I don't think I've ever walked back from my friend's house so fast. What is usually a 20ish minute walk I made in 10. only reason I know this is because I started smoking a clove on the way back and still had something to smoke when I passed my front door. So I go to the asshole house, pound on the door and call him when he doesn't answer. He doesn't answer the phone so I go back home. I see I have a missed call from him and call him back ripping him apart for being an asshole. He asks where I am I told him I walked home already. Which he couldn't understand why I did that because he said he would walk me home. He still doesn't understand why I'm pissed and wouldn't wait for him so I hang up and go take a really hot shower. But before I got in I saw he had changed his facebook status to **** try to take things less seriously... holy jeez. And I had changed my status to I the strong need to punch a wall right now.

I come up of the bathroom and see that I have another text from asshole saying "You need to calm down. You're taking minute things wat to seriously. You're not going to want to accept that, but 6 block is not  big deal. You get way too affected by little things. Stop taking things so personally. I'll ttyl"Why couldn't he have left it alone? I call him and chew him out again. And he tries to apologize to which I left him know that I could give a rat's ass if he's sorry (I don't believe in them) and I really at this point just want him to admit that he was wrong. Of course he questions my morals and values because I don't really believe in apologizing (I'll explain why in another post). 

Now during this 2 friends had comment on my status one of them saying "Calm to furry" and the asshole decides comment as well saying that he seconds this. I respond  by asking if he really wanted to commenting on my shit. And then his status says all he wants is sleep peace and understanding  which changes 3 minutes later to "calm. calm. calm. its unnecessary. for someone who doesn't care, you sure draw a lot of attention. just rest and calm down. I need sleep." I don't give a shit about you but I do give a shit when you leaving a man behind. I was pissed and had a right to be so. I took the somewhat high road and didn't respond to his staus. I should have thrown that damn rock throw his window like I wanted to.

Talk about a way to fuck up the beginning of the weekend.

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