Saturday, January 31, 2009

New York, New York

So I'm going back to New York today (as it is past midnight). Luckily I'm not getting up at 7am after less than three hours of sleep like last weekend. And also I'm not going to directly after I get back. I'm hoping to get some good footage of the Brothel's rehearsal. I'm upset that last week I couldn't stay in New York for the rehearsal because of work. 

I need to contact people specifically for one-on-one interviews. I was hoping for my partner to do that last week but I don't think she did. I'm going to give out my business cards, but they're kind of crappy and have my AOL email on it. I need to get more official looking cards with a better email address, etc.

I feel like I should be stressed but I'm really not. Of all the things bothering me in my life right now this should have some small part in my anxiety. But it doesn't so I guess I don't need to worry.

I need to make sure that I start editing the footage together for a rough cut when I get back. And even more importantly start and finish my script for Writing for the Short that's due Sunday at 6pm. I can't push it off and hopefully I will put some effort into it while I'm on the bus ride to and from. 

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