Saturday, January 3, 2009

Crossing the line

So while I was planning for my first post in the New Year to be about a great many different things it will not be what I had wanted. Tonight (or this morning technically) I was at the Princes 1500 with my girls from the Mount and my friend who has been staying with me this past week until school starts. So we pretty much close the place down and everyone (or at least the ones that can) are going to go to the bartender's house for a kick ass breakfast. Well on the way the driver and long time friend decides, to be funny, she's going swerve the car. Now beyond the fact that that is dumb period its also dumb because she's been drinking and (a. the police can stop her and we all get fucked (b. she can actually endangers us and hit something or (c. fuck up someone's shit and it'll have to been taken care of. So I decided to fuck that shite and as soon as we get to the grocery store, that is about 7ish blocks from my apartment, I was walking home. Everyone was busting my balls about but I had made my decision and I was sticking to it. I don't really care if it seemed stupid. I've gotten into shite with drinking so I take it seriously if my physical well being, as well as that of my criminal records, is somehow endangered. I was not getting back in the car. At that point I was just not go back for breakfast period. The bartender offered to take a cab with me but I had made my decision: If the people I was hanging out with was making the decision to not be safe that I wasn't hanging out with them at the moment. I gave my college friend the option of coming back with me since she was staying with me but she choose to go so I let her. She is a grown woman and can make her own decisions. And may they always be good ones. So I'm chillin in my apartment by myself and that's OK with me. 

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